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Do you know any Quiz software in PHP or Java to examine job applicants? Quiz content will be created by admin and taken by job applicants.

I need to give a quiz to all candidates when hiring to assess their breath and depth of knowledge. An example is Requirements Engineering position, or another example Solutions Architect, or the last example Software Engineer (Backend) and Software Engineer (Frontend).

I need to design the quiz content myself, which is not an issue, but the issue is the quiz software. It should be either Java or PHP, and it should be very comfortable and easy to edit quiz content with it, but also it must be possible to allow candidates to take the quiz only once. They must not be allowed to cancel it when it is being taken. They must not spend too much time submitting it (for example 5 minutes limit for the whole quiz), and every applicant must be able to only see the quiz when I create his ID or account and invite him to complete it.

Do you know any existing quiz software that will do this, and it's Open Source or a free service for employers? I want to see their results, but I don't want them to see their results themselves. Quizzes are fairly common, hence building a new custom software is excluded. It must be reused.
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This seems more a custom application that you will need to develop..

Maybe you can use an existing application and try to adapt.
For that I would use Moodle that have  quiz modules
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One of the MOOC's might be of use.
They are more about teaching, but quizes are part of that process (IIRC)

Open edX
https://github.com/edx/,   https://open.edx.org/
P2PU uses:
Moodle is another one:
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I'd expect answers from someone who knows a specialized quiz software. Current answers are general-purpose learning platforms.
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Ok, i wasn't aware of these "test"-only tools. Nice to know.