Affirming the Consequent Examples in Everyday Life

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What are common examples of Affirming the Consequent reasoning you see in everyday life?
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Here is a good description

I know how to use Microsoft Windows.
90% of the computers use Windows.
All computer users know how to use Windows.

It basically starts with an assertion in order to make a conclusion but the assertion does not relate uniquely to the conclusion.
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To piggy back on John's ideas, another example that you may run into on a day to day basis could be:

I'm driving my car in the morning, to get to work. Therefore, everyone driving their car in the morning is going to work. However, some people may be going home, or going to the store, or going to school.

Another one that I commonly fell for before having a weather app on my phone is:
Its warm when its sunny. Its sunny today so it will be warm. There are many cold days even if the sun is out and shining.


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