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Recovering Data from a veracrypt encrypted hardisk


We have a laptop and due to GDPR, i have to encrtpt the laptop with Veracyrpt.
The staff had kept very valuable data on the Hard disk  desktop and didn't back it  up...

The laptop was not booting poperly and i removed the hardisk and and connected to the hardisk caddy to see if i can recover the data and unfortunately it detects the disk if i open , it says i need to format the disk before i use it.

If i clcik cancel it says F:| is not acessible, the volume dosent contain a recogonised file system.Please make sure that all the required file system are loaded and that the volume is not corrupted.
I tried mounting the hard disk through Vera crypt software and also using the rescue disk still it doesn't work.

Please help , the staff will be the most happiest if the data is recovered.
Any help will instructions will be great.

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If the data is valuable, you might want to try a commercial data recovery company to see if they can access the data on the disk, most companies do this for free or for a small charge! You then have to pay $$$ to actually get the data
NB be careful of attempting DIY solutions as this may hamper recovery by a commercial recovery company
@Gerard the disk is encrypted it is not a hardware problem.
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First question you should ask: was the entire boot drive encrypted with Veracrypt or was the data in a Veracrypt container on the volume?
Lianne, are you still on it? Your feedback is expected.