Unable to locate an iPad that is connected to a network PC via usb. Can it be located by scanning the network?

We have a network location that has Windows 10 computers and about 200 users that have iPads tethered via usb.  We are trying to complete our inventory of the iPads, but are not able to locate a couple.  Our mobility section tells us that the iPads in question are powered up.  Is there a way to detect the IP address or MAC of the host pc?
Michael SpellmanSupervisory Operations Support SpecialistAsked:
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JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
users that have iPads tethered via usb.

You would need to connect the iPads via Wireless to detect them. The iPad won't have a network IP address when connected to a computer via USB.

I have my iPhone on Wireless and can see it with Advanced IP Scanner (Famatech)
Owen RubinConsultantCommented:
Our mobility section tells us that the iPads in question are powered up

What does this mean? If you have a tool that can tell the iPad is powered up, then it has to be connected to it via Wifi or GSM modems, if they are so equipped, to know their status. Can you explain this please?
Michael SpellmanSupervisory Operations Support SpecialistAuthor Commented:
I checked with our IT section.  They said that the iPads periodically connect to our WiFi and that with AirWatch, they can see when the iPad was connected.  If an iPad is connected to WiFi, it will have its own IP Address.  Is it possible to identify the PC it is tethered to?
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JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
If connected by Wi-Fi, it is not tethered. You can use Advanced IP Scanner (Famatech) to see it on the network, but not tethered.

USB is tethering but then the iPad is not on the network.

There is no native way I know to tell from a server where the USB connected iPads belong.
Owen RubinConsultantCommented:
I agree with John here but for a different reasoning.

Even if the iPad is tethered, it can still be on Wifi. An iPad does not stop using WiFi just because it is attached to a PC IF THE WIFI IS ON AND CONNECTED. Wifi could be off, which is an OK state while tethered.  

That said, the iPad as far as I can tell does not publish what computer it is connected to, and given the security of iOS, I suspect Apple protects this data well. I could not detect anything on the iPad that told me about the connected computer.

The PC may know that an iPad is connected to a USB port, but I do not believe that the ID of the iPad is present in that data without a query to the iPad.

So I connected my iPad Mini 4 to a PC and looked at the device manager to see if the device has any info about the connected iPad. Looking at the USB devices connected, I see "Apple Mobile Device USB Driver" as the device name connected. Not very helpful. Looking at the properties of that device, it is not much better. The node name has some info ("oem12.inf:Apple:USBAAPL.Dev:6.0.9999.63:usb\vid_05ac&pid_12ab") but that is not really specific to the device connected.  So sadly, without some software specifically written to talk to the iPad while connected (if that can even be done for security reasons, AND the user would have to trust the device making the query, and which I have no idea how to write,) I do not think one can tell what is connected to the PC other than an Apple USB device.


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JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
I have been both Tethered and WiFi and it does not help identify.
Michael SpellmanSupervisory Operations Support SpecialistAuthor Commented:
Thanks very much to you both.  I was hoping to be able to derive the information about the pc, but I appreciate your responses.
Michael SpellmanSupervisory Operations Support SpecialistAuthor Commented:
Thanks to you both.
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