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I have C: 25GB and D: 440GB and I would like to resize C:, where Win10 is installed, to make it 100GB and D: with 100GB less.
How to do that in Win10 or with Easeus Partition Master?
I have tried different things , but it does not let me, I do not know why.
I solved the problem while pending to be published, so can be delete it.
I used Easeus.
Win10 Disk ManagementEaseus Partition Master
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Chinmay PatelChief Technology NinjaCommented:
Hi viki2000,

Here are the steps for EaseUS Partition Master:
1. Launch EaseUS Partition Master
2. Shrink partition and leave free space to extend C drive
3. Extend C drive (system partition)
4. Keep all changes


Key here is first, you have to shrink an existing partition before you can give (extend) that space to C Drive.

Similar method applies for Logical Disk Manager as well.


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Tom CieslikIT EngineerCommented:
To be able to do this using EaseUS Partition Master partitions must be next to each other.
You structure is very strange. In normal circumstances you should have first 100MB partition on the left,, then C drive then D drive.
Now You must try to do this

1. Shrink D drive (get 100MB free space)
2. Move D partition to the end of volume to have free space on the left - if this will not work,, move EFI partition to space on the end of D drive
3. Move EFi partition to free space.
4.Extend C drive partition using free 100 MB space left

Save changes, restart computer.

If all will work correctly,, run EaseUS Partition Master, shrink D partition to get 100GB free space
Extend C drive using 100GB free space.

Save changes.

I would along the suggestions that were made, but without altering the orientation of the partitions.

1) resize parition currently assigned the Drive letter D by the space you want to expand C:
2) slide the EFI boot partitions to the left so the space taken from D: is to the left of the EFI boot partition
3) slide C: to the left so the space freed up from D: is to the right of the C: partition. I do not believe you can resize c: when the space is to the left of it. though it might be possible with easyus .....if not
4) resize C: to include the freed up space ...

make sure to have a full back of your boot/drive just in case things go.. or it does not boot.

If you were to follow tom's suggestion reorganize the partition layout, you may have to rerun the bootrec/bcdedit

to have the OS reorient the references .....
i will post the steps to do it with Bootit-BM       
but the simplest way to correct things is to backup everything , delete all partitions , and reinstall afresh OS
then partition the drive and restaore data

if you want to repartion, here the BOOTIT-BM steps:
as said , you need to have free space adjacent to the partition you want to expand, and the 100 MB partition inhibits this.
i would do this :
run bootit-BM - do NOT install it on the drive - hit Cancel

select partition work, select the 100 MB partition, and slide it to the start of disk
now you should see the layout as 100MB - DDD - CCC ( D and C representing the other partitions)
shrink now the D partition to the size you want
it should look now like 100 - DDD- ffff - CCCC ( fff = free space
when the free space is n,ear the C : partition, you can extend it
that's it
viki2000Author Commented:
Thank you for your help.
If you read my initial question text, you will notice one sentence:
"I solved the problem while pending to be published, so can be delete it."
Nevertheless I will assign the points to the contributors for their effort in writing the above answers.
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