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I'm looking for a Secure file transfer system for aprox. 75 employees and 20 customers  (SFTP)
-User WebGUI and preferably for admin too
-An interface via the command line
-Integration with OKTA
-An Outlook plugin

Can anyone recomend a server software that can be configured for SSO with OKTA?

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David FavorFractional CTO
Distinguished Expert 2018

Good likelihood you'll have to write much of this code.

Keep in mind running a Linux based SFTP server is trivial, just install MySecureServer (zero config SFTPd) + you're done. Trying to get a Windows SFTPd server running... You can do it + Linux SFTPd will be far more stable + will rarely require any attention.

Integrating with OKTA, you may find some SFTPd server which will work for you. Just search for - okta sftp - turns up a few articles.

Integrating SFTP with Outlook... Likely you'll have to explain what this means, as Email (Outlook) + File Transfers (SFTPd) don't usually intersect.
Prabhin MPDevOps Engineer
Distinguished Expert 2018

i suggest you to go for opensource file share application called next cloud or own cloud. which can be integrated with outlook and okta.

Enable SSL for secure transfer.

You can try one of SFTP servers listed on There is a lot of them for Windows. However I doubt that it will cover all your needs. Some could would be needed.
Technical Architect
Thanks I ended up using CrushFTP. It did everything I needed

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