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stop production creating extra files such as HTML, shockwave etc.

I am using Camtasia 9 and when I produce the file to MP4 it produces a whole bunch of extra ones e.g. html, shockwave etc. How do I stop it doing that? Thanks.
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Through various workaround (and extra time), you can convert it to mp4. To DIRECTLY record to MP4, without losing time, they want you to buy their Snagit product. Please be aware you may lose some Camtasia specific functions if you use Snagit. If only screencapture is important, Snagit is the way to go.
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David Johnson, CD
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Ah, that was easier than I thought it would be! Thank you so much :-)
I primarily share to youtube/screencast/vimeo so I had to look for what you were talking about. Did you buy Camtasia 9 from $20USD?
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@David Johnson - I got it via an IT thing I was part of so yes it was free but it was the full version. Thank you so much for that. :-)