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SDWAN solutions

Looking for a good detailed survey of SDWANs that are available and procedures how to deploy each,
If I have a worldwide client base and I need my staff to access customers' data centers privately, how do I pick the right SDWAN solution, and how to do I migrate to them?
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Aaron TomoskyDirector, SD-WAN Solutions

Bit of a broad question, but happy to help as this is basically my day job. So it sounds like you have centrally located staff? probably a vendor or support organization, and need to access clients datacenters securely without allowing them to talk to each other? And it’s likely these clients have networks with overlapping IP ranges?

Any other requirements or does this sum up the situation?


Hi Aaron-
You might have guessed by now, if you look at the other question I posted, named Multiple VPNs (which I just updated for you, so you can look there for a description), the SDWAN solution I am looking for is the eventual replacement of the multiple VPNs that are being deployed today.  Though it probably won't happen until late next year, I need to plan for an SDWAN now.

So I need to plan for which SDWAN to get, and how to do the migration from the multiple VPNs to the SDWAN.

I'm sort of a newbie, but I will ultimately be responsible for this.

It will scale much better with the eventual new solution.