Server 2016 Hyper-V VM machine stuck

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On my Windows 10 Pro OS laptop I created a Server 2016 Hyper-V virtual machine.

I shut down this Server 2016 VM within the OS using the shutdown -s -f -t 0 command.

For the last hour, this VM has remained stuck and says "Stopping" within the Hyper-V Manager. This VM already had all of the Windows updates installed.

I don't have the option to stop or shut down this VM and when I open this VM I only get a blank screen.

I have already shut down the Windows 10 Pro host OS but when I have booted Windows 10 back up and opened the Hyper-V Manager the Server 2016 VMis still in its same state.

What command line or PowerShell commands can I use to force the shutdown of this Server 2016 VM?

Or what else can I do to completely shut down this Server 2016 VM?

S2016DC Hyper-V VM stuck
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get-vm -name s16dc|stop-vm -Force

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IT GuyNetwork Engineer


When I run this command I get a message tha says "stop-vm : The operation cannot be performed while the virtual machine is in its current state." and the VM is not powered off or shut down.

What other commands can I run to power down or restart this VM?
Are you running this from an Admin Powershell window?
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This is the only other way I know :

Step 1: Download Process Explorer from Microsoft Sysinternals

Step 2: Find the GUID for your VM
Look in the Virtual Machines folder where your VM resides. There should be an XML file and a folder both labelled with the same GUID. Remember or write down at least the first couple and last few characters of the guid - you're going to need to match this.

Step 3: Find the GUID that's running
Run Process Explorer (you may need to right-click and Run As Administrator if you get Access Denied messages) and look for a bunch of VMWP.EXE files running. Open the properties on one, go to the Image tab, and look under Command Line. As a parameter on the command will be the GUID from the Virtual Machines folder. Keep looking until you find the one with the same GUID!

Step 4: Kill it!
After finding it, hit OK to the Properties window, then right-click on that VMWP.EXE and Kill Process! The Virtual Machine should immediately turn off.
Philip ElderTechnical Architect - HA/Compute/Storage

ITguy565's method to work with the GUID is the one we'd be using as well.
Patrick BogersDatacenter platform engineer Lindows

Do you have antivirus running on the host? If yes exclude the path to your vhdx files.
Have a feeling av and hyper-v are fighting about exclusive access.


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