how to enable Canon ADV 4251 to do OCR scanning

In previous work place, the Canon IR ADV 4251 offers OCR scanning to PDF
ie the resultant softcopy PDF is text-searchable.

However, in current work place, the same model does not offer this feature.

Is this a plug-in or just an OS upgrade or some sort of additional add-on we
have to buy : can point me to some articles/manual that mention this?

If it's a software upgrade only, can point me to the specific version & where
to get the software?  If it's just a feature to turn on, appreciate the
instructions on how to do this
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You need to select Searchable PDF for the scanner's file format. Canon's Online Manual has instructions for doing so:

Press [Scan and Send] → specify the destination → press the file format button.
Select a file format (PDF).
Select [OCR (Text Searchable)].
Press [OK].

The Home page for the manual is here.
sunhuxAuthor Commented:
The "Canon's Online Manual" link can't be opened.

Navigated as above but the attached screen does not
have an option for " OCR (Text Searchable) " : at my
previous workplace, it was there in this same screen
Weird. Both links are fine, but if I click on them a spurious http:// gets prepended. If I remove everything in the address in front of the "download" it works fine for me.

However, your printer seems to be different. I suspect it's most likely because the old printer had some option installed that this printer does not have. Yet, according to the specs (and this link seems to work), OCR is standard. Optional file formats include line tracing and smoothing, as well as encrypted PDF.

Unless someone else has a clue, this may be one for Canon support. You most likely have a maintenance contract with them, so they should be able to tell you. If you find out, please post the fix here, and accept your own answer.
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sunhuxAuthor Commented:

I followed the link above (which I navigate from the Home page provided above):
I have both the 4251 & 4225 models indicated in the home page but on both
models of copier at the new place, the screen simply don't have OCR function :
refer to attached : top right corner (very dark/dim showing 4251 model)
sunhuxAuthor Commented:
The copier here comes under Helpdesk: will need to go through
Helpdesk as I'm not authorized to log a case with Canon, a bit of
a red-tape here.
sunhuxAuthor Commented:
Managed to get Canon: was told a software with OCR feature needs to be purchased.

Hmm, in all the google links returned, it's saying OCR is a feature, no mention that it's an option that needs to be purchased
From all the documentation I found, it appeared to be a standard printer feature, not a software feature, nor even an optional printer feature. I would call it false advertising :-(

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sunhuxAuthor Commented:
I find it weird too: name of the software is IRIS ...
(guess that's what IR in "IR ADV 42xx" stands for).

All docs that I've googled never mentioned it is
an optional software to be purchased.

Anyway, I'm waiting for their backend to call me
as the frontend is reporting as such which I'm
not convinced.

I've also asked Canon to check in their records if
there's at least 1 unit of the 35+ units at my new
workplace has this OCR feature.
sunhuxAuthor Commented:
When I scan as image & do OCR using WPS or Adobe XI Pro,
the conversion to text is never as good as OCR directly from
the Canon copier (that I was doing previously)
sunhuxAuthor Commented:
The account manager of Canon called: she had sold a lot of these machines to
numerous clients.

In my current place, when the procurement tender was awarded, our Procurement
opted not to have this feature.  Next year, the tender is due for renewal so can
add it in
Dis she explain why they don't make clear to customers that it's an optional feature? And, thanks for the points.
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