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How to create an Outlook item for e-signing by recipients

sunhux asked
I've never done an Outlook e-signoff :
Appreciate a layman's instructions on how to do this:

Basically will attach a PDF for target audience in the Outlook & in email's body indicate
a few lines that they have read, understood & will adhere to what's attached in the PDF
& they have to click on  a button to ack.

One other query:
the Outlook ack that we receive, is this a .msg file when exported/saved?
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systechSenior Technical Lead


There isn't a specific option for it. what you can do is, Create a new appointment or meeting request then attach your pdf and set the read receipt.

Outlook>>New Items>>Appointment or Meeting>>In the 'To' column, add the desired recipients, then 'Subject'>Location give any location like 'at your desk'>>start time and end time>>Then go to 'Insert' tab and attach the pdf file>>click on 'meeting' tab>>Response options, select 'Request Responses' and 'Allow new time proposals' then send it end users.

This is how normally we do here.


Not what I'm looking for;  I've seen in my past work place where
someone create an email that has buttons to click for "Approval"
Business Systems Analyst
In your email, under options, there is a icon for Use Voting Buttons. Use the pull down and choose approve/reject.