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SQL Query Join 3 Tables with Same Structure

Good Day Experts!

I have a SQL issue that I am in need of help with.  I have 3 temp tables that have the same structure.  I need to join all 3 together. However, all 3 temp tables may or may not have matching records.  Temp table 1 may be the same as Temp table 2 and 3. Temp table 1 may not have a match in 2 or 3.  It could have a match in 2 but not 3. Essentially, any combination from the 3 tables is possible.  

Thinking out loud, if I left join Temp table 2 to Temp table 1 then join Temp table 3, would I then miss out on the records that may or may not have matched between 1 and 3?

Is this possible?

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Join or combine?  IF you created three temp tables that really cannot be joined, I would guess you have a design problem.

If you want the results combined, I would look at a UNION or UNION ALL.

If you need some columns from each of the tables like you've joined them, look at a UNION and a PIVOT.

If you want anything more specific, tell us the database type and version then provide sample data and expected results.
You can use FULL OUTER JOINs, which is basically a LEFT JOIN and a RIGHT JOIN combined.  The thing to keep in mind is that you have to use COALESCE on all the key/join columns, because you don't know for sure which table(s) will have a given key value and thus return values for that key.

    COALESCE(t1.key_col, t2.key_col, t3.key_col) AS key_col,
    t1.data_col1 AS t1_data_col1, /*will be NULL if not found for that key*/
    t2.data_col1 AS t2_data_col1, /*will be NULL if not found for that key*/
    t3.data_col1 AS t3_data_col1 /*will be NULL if not found for that key*/
FROM dbo.table1 t1
FULL OUTER JOIN dbo.table2 t2 ON t2.key_col = t1.key_col
FULL OUTER JOIN dbo.table3 t3 ON t3.key_col IN (t1.key_col, t2.key_col)
What is it that you're looking for? Is it just a set of the unique records among the three tables or do you want to know all of the combinations (1=2=3, 1=2 but not 3, 1=3 but not 2, 2 = 3 but not 1, or 1,2,and 3 are unique? Could you provide some sample data for the three tables and what you expect for a result?
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