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Scott Fell
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I am looking for recommendations for a dictation system.  Recording device, transcription foot peddles, software to manage files to be transcribed and forward to secretaries.  Experience using  Dragon as an add on.  Small office: 5 to 10 secretaries.

Please only reply with actual experience using these tools.
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Hi Scott,

For many years, I used a program called Dictation Buddy from High Criteria:

(Based on the copyright notice at the second link for Dictation Buddy, the libertyrecording.com site is High Criteria's.)

I checked my records and see that I first started using it in 2005, without a foot pedal. I added an Infinity USB Foot Pedal (model IN-USB2) in 2011:

I used it for a few years after that, but then my requirement for transcription went away and haven't used it in the past few years. But when I did use it, I was very happy with it, both the software and the foot pedal. Also, I got my daughter the same setup (both Dictation Buddy and the Infinity USB foot pedal) and she loves it (used it in school and at work, and still uses it at work).

High Criteria makes good software. I've been using their Total Recorder Pro software since 2001 for nearly all of my audio requirements. I actually like it better than Dictation Buddy for some audio tasks, but it does not support foot pedals, which is very helpful for transcription.

I see that they also make software called Transcription Buddy:

I've never tried it and don't know how it differs from Dictation Buddy, but it's worth putting on your short list. Also, I see that they offer a version of both Dictation Buddy and Transcription Buddy with a bundled USB foot pedal, although it may be less expensive to buy the foot pedal at Amazon (and High Criteria doesn't say which make/model foot pedal they're bundling).

You didn't say which version of Windows you'll be using, but both Dictation Buddy and Transcription Buddy have everything covered. The Readme.txt files in both downloads have this same line:

32-bit or 64-bit version of Microsoft Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 10

Of course, you'll need a driver for the USB foot pedal, so check that out.

Well, I think that's it...hope it helps. Regards, Joe
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Thank you Joe!  I looked at Transcription Buddy and that seems to do the trick.
Joe WinogradDeveloper
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You're welcome, Scott. Good luck with it! Regards, Joe

Edit: I just noticed this comment at their website:
Dictation Buddy has all of the playback features of Transcription Buddy, but also includes the ability to record audio from a microphone on the PC's mic input jack or with a USB mic.
So, if you don't need it for recording audio via the PC's mic, the less-expensive Transcription Buddy is the way to go.

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