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Bob Schneider
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I am looking for someone to develop an app (iPhone first, then Android) from a website (http://www.etraxc.com).  Any idea where I should start looking?
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Bob, The first step is to research the differences between developing individual native apps vs a web app that gets wrapped up in a web view.

The native app is typically a better experience for the individual ios / android users but it comes at a much higher development cost. Not only do you have to maintain separate code for ios, android and your website, but each device now acts as your web server of sorts that you don't have control over.  How you manage data has to be completely reworked.

With a web app, you can update all devices and your site with a similar look and feel from one code base. The development costs are greatly reduced and while some features like pressing a button may not have the exact feel of a native app, the start up front and ongoing costs of a true native app may be prohibitive.

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