How to remove a marker from a title in Premier Pro

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I have a big project in which I have discovered a few titles with markers in them. I must have placed the markers by accident because I didn't have the timeline selected. Now I can't figure out how to select, remove or even move them. Because of these markers I will probably always get the "some markers could not be legalized" message when I import into Encore. I am using the latest version of Adobe Premier Pro. Please tell me how to remove a marker from a title.
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It is really easy to do. If you have added a title and then moved the (time pointer/Playback head, not sure the correct terminology is) to a new position, and then add a marker, the marker will be in the title instead of in the timeline because the title is still selected. I don't think this causes me any real problems after all, because, since I can't select these markers, I can't change them to chapter markers. But when I go to last or next marker, it will stop here. I wonder, if I copy the title, if the marker will come with it or not. I am using legacy titles.

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