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Hi ...
I was wondering if anyone knows how to change default icons for a new user in Slitaz.
By default, trash icon and Document icon get added to desktop when a new user logs in for the first time.
I am trying to change it only to Terminal.
Thank you for your Quick Prompts.
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nociSoftware Engineer
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Default user profiles are copied from /etc/skel    to the newly created home directory. So any settings put there are copied.
The default settings can be setup

you can see everything there with:   ls -la /etc/skel

You can setup a user account  anyway you like and then put all files in /etc/skel (including hidden files)  and that will  then be the template for new accounts.


Thanks for your reply. I thought the same before posting my question but
in the /etc/skel/Desktop there is only one file: slitaz.doc.desktop which executes:
So, where the trash and the documents icon( really a file manager) is populating by default.
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Those are part of the windows manager setup and can be turned on in configuring it.
If you rightclick on the background,
Select Desktop Effects then  Desktop Preferences, select  Desktop Icons tab there you can enable / disable them.

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