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I run Windows 10 on my computer, but use iTunes to sync my songs and Outlook with my iPhone.  What I can't figure out is how to separate my different groupings of songs (e.g. My Favorites, My Wife's Favorites, Dance Tunes, etc.)?  I do have separate playlists, but when I want to import a bunch of - for example - "Hard Rock" songs, they're just added to my master list and the only way I can get them transferred to my "Hard Rock" playlist is by going song by song through the list and trying to remember which ones belong in the appropriate playlist.  With several hundred songs in my master list, this becomes unmanageable.  Is there a way to keep the imported songs segregated by category or folder or ?????   I'm more than willing to buy a third-party software program if that's what it takes.


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i use Smart Playlists

this allows you to create rules and make sure that the Live updating box is checked

in your example, create playlist with a rule Genre is Hard Rock

all existing songs having Hard Rock as genre will be in that list

whenever a new song of the genre is Hard Rock is downloaded, it is automatically added to that list


Thank you.

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