Best PowerPoint add-ins for creating process flows

agwalsh used Ask the Experts™
Can anyone recommend any useful Add-ins for PowerPoint 365 particularly around organisation charts and process flows...
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Senior Infrastructure Analyst
Yeah, Visio...... To be fair that will do exactly what you want, it's the best tool for the job and then import the visio diagram into the presentation.

I do understand that there is a cost involved, but that's exactly what it's designed to do. You won't get an addon for powerpoint that works as well as that does.


Well, that answer is totally fine to be honest. If Visio does it better, it does it better. People can decide then if they want to pay for it. Does Visio come as part of Office 365? Can't remember to be honest..
AlexSenior Infrastructure Analyst

If I remember correctly, it's £30 a year

It's there or there abouts :D
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Jamie GarrochSenior Technical Consultant at BrightCarbon

You could also take a look at Lucidchart:

I haven't actually used it but I did come across it recently while developing some add-on functionality to the PowerPoint's built-in org chart functionality (SmartArt hierarchy model).
There's also It has at least timelines and Gantt charts, but I think it does other types of diagrams as well.

Oh, and SmartDraw is worth a look also.
Scott HelmersVisio Consultant, Trainer, Author, and Developer
Most Valuable Expert 2011

Another vote for Visio here (I freely admit my bias!) for the reasons mentioned above. To answer your licensing question, Visio (like Project) is not included in any of the O365 bundles; it is licensed separately. Visio Online Plan 1 (US$5/month) is a browser-based diagram creation and editing tool (any browser on any device). Visio Online Plan 2 (US$15/month) includes that plus a full-featured Visio client.

If you'd like an automated way to get your process flow from Visio to PowerPoint, two suggestions:
1) Visio Online Plan 2 includes a feature called PowerPoint Snippets: you draw a box around all or part of a diagram page and Visio creates a PPT slide.
2) The code provided with this article that I wrote several years ago still works and will turn any Visio diagram into a PPT presentation.


Thanks as always - great knowledge and help here on this forum :-)

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