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How to remove Exchange server from DAG

Ok. We have a dual Exchange 2013 setup - EX1 and EX2 - in a DAG . Both servers has the Mailbox & CAS roles
I want to kill the DAG and only have one Exchangeserver being the server EX1.
I've removed the mailbox databases from the EX2 server. But I still have a ton of mailboxes (58) that is on the EX2 server.

[PS] C:\>get-mailbox -server EX2 | sort-object name reveals:
Name          Alias   ServerName       ProhibitSendQuota
----          -----   ----------       -----------------
room1         room1   EX2	         Unlimited
room2         room2   EX2	         Unlimited
user1         user1   EX2	         Unlimited
user2         user2   EX2	         Unlimited

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How do I move the mailboxes to the EX1 server?

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