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We have two separate Active Directory Domains (Domain A and Domain B) in separate Forests with a two way forest trust.  Domain A hosts the Exchange 2016 servers.  Users in Domain B also have a mailbox using linked mailboxes from Domain A.

We are going to rename Domain B to Domain C using the command rendom.

Do I need to re-link the mailboxes after domain rename?  Is there anything else I need to consider?

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AkhaterSolutions Architect
don't consider this an answer but an educated guess

the Linked mailboxes work on the GUID so, as far as I can think, as long as the domain rename goes smoothly and your trust remain in place you should be fine

this said the best way would be to build a small lab and test it, shouldn't take much of your time

Hope it helps
AmitIT Architect
Distinguished Expert 2017

I agree to Akhater, testing in lab would be better, before you do anything in production. To my knowledge and experience, you might need to relink mailboxes again.
Exchange Engineer
Distinguished Expert 2018
Exchange is completely AD aware and dependent. I would think if your rename goes well the linked mailboxes will pickup the changes provided that the disabled user accounts in domainA remain associated with the actual user objects in domainB. If that doesn't break I would think you will be good and the linked mailbox will be fine. you probably shouldn't have to relink, but if all is good that may be the worst case.


Hi all,
I would like to let you know that we ran the rendom project last week and everything went smoothly.  The only thing we had to do is to re-create the forest trust on both sides.  The link to the mailboxes stayed, so you only need to re-create the trust, thats it.

AkhaterSolutions Architect

Thank you for the updates that is nice from you and helpful for others :)


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