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SQL Server alerting

1) what kind of issues do you have MSSQL alert your DBA's to specific to SQL Server? I know there are a bunch of standard alerts to servers in general, e.g. free space, CPU, memory etc, but I am intrigued to know what specific database issues you deem critical enough to be alerted upon as and when they arise?

2) I'm also interested in whether you can query MSSQL to determine all agent jobs configured, and whether a DBA has been configured to receive an email as and when the job fails/succeeds, and if so what email address has been configured?

3) also whether you can get a query on what alerts are configured within a  SQL Server instance itself currently. And who is configured to get the alerts. - msdb.dbo.sysalerts  looks possibily like what I am after.
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1. It would depend upon the criticality of the databases involved.. As a DBA, we would need to monitor the Free space and other parameters mentioned by you and lcohan above in addition to Deadlocks, Blockings happening on the database. As an Application DBA, they might have several jobs to ensure data integrity, alerting in case of invalid records and so on..
2 & 3..
Below script would help to identify the list of jobs without operators configured..
Slightly modifying would help you in identifying the jobs with operators configured and the list of jobs as requested as well..