Remove a previously configured proxy on Windows Server

We recently took over a companies IT, and they previously used a proxy.

Looking through the server, it appeared to be using Symantec for this which have now removed.

Recently we connected one of our laptops in to their network and straight away it wanted credentials for the proxy, for us to be able to access the Internet. We entered the domain admin details and it connected no problem.

Today, I have found some registry keys which look as though they have been added / ammended on the server. (See screenshot attached). Can I remove these, or is there any where else I need to check first? I have the ProxyEnable key on my machine but the other two look to have been added by the previous IT company.

Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard

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Whatever proxy credentials you entered that is because of those registry keys

The registry values simply enabling proxy, setting it to use squid proxy IP / hostname and with exceptions given as overrides

If you remove those registry, proxy will get removed from machines and they won't be able to access internet, if that is what your intention, then go for it
ryank85Author Commented:
Our intention is to remove the proxy completely, but obviously still allow users to access the internet.

As I say, the previous IT company have set these keys but they seem to cause more issues than they solve.
then what is your solution to access internet

Windows machines needs that either configured dns should take care of internet

proxy / PAC file configured in IE properties should locate appropriate proxy server to access internet

U may configure anonymous proxy access, but it is not recommended
hence we always configure proxy authentication, it can be ad integrated or standalone
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ryank85Author Commented:
The client PCs are setup to use DHCP, which is configured to use the gateway. The gateway has connection with pre configured DNS which then pulls down to the machines.

Surly then users would be able to connect to the internet directly that way?
gateway mean internet gateway is configured as client default gateway?

Yes, in that case client should be able to access internet..

test it on test machine by removing proxy config from IE properties \ connection tab
ryank85Author Commented:
Yes we have removed from a couple of machines and then can connect OK. Client default Gateway pulls through correct from DHCP

Was just strange how it looked to be disabled, but then a new laptop onsite needed credentials to access the internet.

We will test removing the reg keys and update once done.
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