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Virtual machine disks consolidation needed, file is locked

Virtual machine disks consolidation needed, file is locked.  I have shut down the vm and tried to consolidate.  I did a restart on the host.  I created a snapshot, deleted it and tried to consolidate.  Nothing has worked.  I have several vm's that now have this issue and I know it is from our third party backup solution that is causing it. (    Does anyone have a solution to how to delete these files?   I have opened a case with our backup vendor to see what they can do to prevent this in the future.  Running vcenter appliance and esxi 6.5 update 2.
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Russ Suter

It sounds like VMWare lock files are being created and left behind. What operating system is your host environment using? For Windows based VMWare hosts, you should be able to find and delete the lock files. I'm not certain about Linux environments. The following link might be of some help.
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Russ,  Thanks for the comment.  I am not sure what this is?  -v  I am guessing the host the vm is on?
That's definitely an IP address but I'm not sure what it's supposed to point to. Unfortunately the documentation doesn't seem to clarify that point. I'm going with your guess on this.
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Okay, firstly have you checked that you have snapshots ?

please see my EE Article to check if you have snapshots

HOW TO: VMware Snapshots :- Be Patient

Do you use any THIRD Party backup products ?
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Andrew, NONE of the guests had snapshots, I checked.  We use Tivoli Storage Manager for Virtual Environments.  We have been wondering why we are backing up so much data, and now we know.  One of the servers only had one 100GB disk, it now has nine vmdk files.
how did you check for snapshots ? <---- did you read my EE Article ?

if you have a virtual machine with a single 100GB disk, and now it has nine VMDK files ? <------ Snapshots ????

can you screenshot and upload the screenshot here for Experts to review ?
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VMware fixed it.  It was from my third party vm doing the backups.
Yes, you need to check DAILY! that you have no snapshots!
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Cant wait to go to veeam!
It does not matter what technology you use, there are ALL the same!

and have been for 19 years!

Snapshots are EVIL!

I'm sorry you need to do more VMware Admin, and daily checks, write scripts, set alerts and emails etc...


Veeam is probably worse!!!