Lenovo battery power gauge icon in the taskbar is cropped


Specs:  Laptop Lenovo T420i, Windows 7 Ultimate, screen resolution 1366x768, Intel HD Graphics 3000.

I am trying to fix a small annoying problem.
Lenovo battery power gauge icon in the taskbar is cropped, shifted. It happens every time I restart the laptop.

Lenovo taskbar - battery icon shifted
It is exactly the same problem as described here:

That was back in 2013, I guess. It would be great to finally find some solution.

Thank you,
Ian I.Asked:
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William FulksSystems Analyst & WebmasterCommented:
Ian I.Author Commented:

I tried that, no luck.
 The Windows 7 system I have is 32-bit. That bg10ww23.exe update required 64-bit.

Sam Simon NasserIT Support ProfessionalCommented:
some people mentioned lock / unlock the taskbar, try it.
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is your problem recent?   the a system restore to such date can help
did you try updating all drivers?  start with bios, video, etc...
Ian I.Author Commented:
Sam, locking and unlocking taskbar works only temporarily. Once I restart computer, bang, that "shifting" appears again.

Nobus, I have tried almost everything. Old, new drivers. bios, even re-installing the system.  Nothing helped.

Thank you, anyway!
What happens if you try to drag and drop the icon to the right side of taskbar?
Drag and drop into the area near your clock.
Ian I.Author Commented:
What happens? The icon simply 'fixes' itself.  But after the next restart, the icon is where it was - cropped and shifted.
Any icon or taskbar operations that people are suggesting (or were suggesting in that url I posted) seem to only work as a TEMPORARY solution.

Thank you,
What about removing it all together and use windows battery monitor instead?

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are there no errors in device manager, or event viewer?
Ian I.Author Commented:
joinaunion: This is what I currently have, but the client wants that green battery icon there.

nobus: No error in the device manager. All clean.

Thank you,
and event viewer??
Can you try resetting the Notification Area Icons cache. You will have to restart once the process is complete.
Tutorial here,
try also changing the screen resolution
Ian I.Author Commented:
Hi Nobus,

I did, but the client wants to use the native (the best) resolution he can get out of his laptop. That's  1366x768.

Thank you,
Ian I.Author Commented:
The event viewer is also alright. No issues there as well.
Ian I.Author Commented:
joinaunion: that suggested reset worked but after a few restarts the icon got 'crippled' again.

Today it was the last day trying to fix that icon. The client needs his laptop as he will be travelling abroad.
For the time being I convinced him to remove that icon and use the native windows one.

Selecting joinanunion as a solution provider as his comments were the most relevant ones.
I would like to thank you all for your valuable time and efforts.
Well I hope we get a chance to try again.
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