How do I change a single link on a Drupal site?

Bruce Gust
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I've built a Shopping Cart for a client and I want to change the link on her current homepage so it points to the new Shopping Cart. Here's the dilemma: It's built in Drupal and I've no clue how to access the one button that needs to be changed.

Just so you've got a picture of what I'm looking at, head out to Where it says, "Click here to visit our website." That's the link I need to change.

I've got full access to phpMyAdmin and the files but I've no idea where to begin.

Where would I look to change the link on the home page?
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You'll need to login to Drupal at using a site admin account and then find the relevant page, it looks the home page and edit the page content to change the link.
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Thanks, Feridun!

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