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SQL Server failed to communicate with filter daemon launch service.

Last Modified: 2018-11-30
I am receiving this error on my production "serverSQL Server failed to communicate with filter daemon launch service  (Windows error: The service did not start due to a logon failure.
). Full-Text filter daemon process failed to start. Full-text search functionality will not be available."

I know how to add and or change the password on the login tab of the properties of the service.   But the username for this service is an NT Service account and with the Admin account, I seem not to be able to have access to change the password on this account.  So I have just three questions. (I think)

1) Why would this happen to an NT user account?
2) Can I change the password on an NT user account?
3) If I cannot change the password, would it be possible to just use a domain user account, like the rest of the SQL services are using or do I have to use the NT account for this Service?


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First thing you need to verify if he SQL Full-text Filter Daemon Launcher service is disabled. In case it is then set it to manual, restart SQL server and use FTS so:

Set the 'SQL Full-text Filter Daemon Launcher' service to Manual.

Next you should restart SQL Server. Once SQL Server is started, you should see that the 'SQL Full-text Filter Daemon Launcher' has been started.

Then try to use  FTS on the database.

Richard ComitoDirector of IT


dfke thank you for your reply.  it is set to manual.

What I am trying to figure out is if I have to use the NT account or if I can use my own account be it a domain or a local user account.  just like what I have on all the other SQL services on the same server.  This is the only SQL service on that server that is trying to use the NT user.

Director of IT
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