IMaP enabled and using POP

feck1 used Ask the Experts™
Hosting company has a button tie enable IMAP

Should it make any difference if it’s on or off ?

User id currently using pop

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Different protocol. So if it isn't used, just disable it.
Zakaria AcharkiAnalyst Developer
Distinguished Expert 2018

Yes, it will make difference for sure, IMAP offers you the possibility to directly manage your emails on the email server if you enable it else you will lose this ability.

That completely up to your needs and the future actions you may want to perform using to this option.


Agreed - "Different protocol. So if it isn't used, just disable it."

Logically if Im not using IMAP there is no reason to have it enabled.  

There must be a reason why its not enabled by default by my hosting company,
Why have it as an option to enable in the first place and not enable it by default if there was no issue / reason ...

By enabling IMAP are you expected not to use POP? Or you can use both POP and IMAP?

Ive read up on it and pop and IMAP have advantages and disadvantages ...
David FavorFractional CTO
Distinguished Expert 2018

Best for you to study which protocol will work best for you.

POP - Designed to pull messages to your local mail client, so all interaction with messages are done locally. If you enable, delete from server, then all messages disappear at server side, once they're pulled into your local mailstore.

IMAP - Designed for messages to stay on server, so many instances of mail clients + various tools using IMAP can access messages.

So pick protocol which works best for you + disable the other one.

Tip: Only use IMAP4S or POP3S (secure, SSL wrapped versions). Never use the clear text (unencrypted) versions or anyone snooping the line will instantly have your login info + access to your mail.

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