vmware command to display VM latency.

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What vmware command display the attached information please?

I have tried the esxtop command but it displays different results.

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Murali SripadaVMware Engineer | vExpert 18/19
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Latency for which parameter(network, CPU, memory,Storage) isolation is important before proceeding for troubleshooting. Talking in general for R/W I/O's is the case I picked up below.

Latency can be read latency or write latency. esxtop gives better information interms of both lat/rd and lat/wr

Read latency is generally high when there are multiple snapshots ( one possible and most important case)
Write latency is high when the storage is slow or multiple operations is going on SAN when I/O are going.

The CMS/s seconds is the total I/O's going for the VM in esxtop.

Andrew Hancock (VMware vExpert / EE Fellow)VMware and Virtualization Consultant
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type "esxtop" (no quotes), then press 'v' & view the DAVG statistic for the VM. If it is above 10-12ms, your underlying storage is having issues. You need either more spindles in the RAID, a different RAID, or different disk types (i.e. SAS or SSD rather than potentially SATA).

greater than 25 is very bad.

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