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Questions regarding migrating physical servers to AWS

Sean Carroll
Sean Carroll asked
I'm in the midst of moving one of our clients to AWS and I am looking for some assistance.  

Their current setup is they have 3 servers on site:

1.  Active Directory, File Services, Print Server, User Profiles, DNS
2.  RDP / Citrix server
3.  Windows 7 computer running indexing software for document management solution

I have already migrated all of their servers to AWS.  I plan on leaving a domain controller on site as well as a print server.

AWS is connected to head office via a VPN tunnel.

The subnet at head office is and the subnet in our AWS VPC is

My questions are:

1.  Would best practice be to host DNS on Route 53 (AWS), on our cloud based or on prem?
2.  Is it practical to have Roaming Profiles from a cloud based file server?  In anticipate this will significantly slow down login times.
3.  When we move the domain controller from on site to the cloud how do we update DNS records so workstations and servers are authenticating against the cloud based DC?  I'm not certain if the SRV record has to be changed.

Any advice or tips would be greatly appreciated.


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Chief Operating Officer
It doesn't seem necessary to have anything onprem as long as the Internet Connection is decent.
But if you are leaving a DC/Print server there anyway I would suggest the below.
1. Keep DNS on-prem. If internet connectivity is down at least you might still be able to print or browse the network.
2. Roaming profiles are hardly practical anyway but the trick is to manage them and keep them small in size. Exclude dropbox and videos and the like. Ensure they don't get over 1GB and definitely keep them on the onprem server.
3. I'm not sure how you can force that and not sure why either since you will have the onprem DC. By default devices will authenticate to the quickest/closest server.

Hope this helps.

Another suggestion for consideration to you would be to totally ditch the local environment and get everyone working on that RDS! :) Beautiful stuff if this is possible for this business.

Let me know if you need anything further.
Sean CarrollIT Engineer


Hi Edmond,

Thank you for the response.

That was very helpful.


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