Get ABC Spellchecker for Chrome to allow apostrophes.

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I'm using ABC Spellchecker for Chrome, but it flags any word with an apostreophe, like "you're"  as a  misspellling,   How can I get it to allow apostrophes?  Thanks.
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Shaun VermaakTechnical Specialist
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No idea. If I may, I recommend Grammarly (the free edition).


Thanks.  I installed  Grammarly into my Chrome but it doesn't see errors I make while composing a Squarespace website, which is what I want a speller for. With ABC I could select any text I'd written while composing the Squarespace site, right-click and choose Spelling, and it would check the spelling in those words for me.  Grammarly doesn't seem to do that.  I see that it tracks some input automatically, like this comment I'm writing now, but it doesn't track text that I enter on pages of a Squarespace site I'm building.  But thanks for suggesting it.

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