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rm file restoration

i have removed below pid file using rm command as i got some error messages with permissions on that

rm xyz.pid

is there is a way i can restore that file

I am trying to start the web logic server and having issues which used to work earlier file

Please advise
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Principal Software Engineer
The PID files for web servers are created automatically when the server starts.  Simply stop the server (a cold full stop, not just a restart) and start it again.

You probably have no control over the location or permissions on the server's PID file, so if there is a permissions issue you'll probably need to give the failing process membership in the server's group.


how to do cold full forced stop?
Dr. KlahnPrincipal Software Engineer

For Apache, "apachectl stop" and then "apachectl start."  For other servers ... no idea.


it asked while stoping to remove something i said yes and enter
then it stoppedd
then when i gave start command it started successfully

not sure some times while stopping get these dummy errors making me nervous
Prabhin MPDevOps Engineer
Distinguished Expert 2018

or else you create  touch a file in the same location and restart the service,

if the service is not stopped kill the service,

kill -9 < service PID>