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How to deploy vCenter Server App


back in the ESXi 5.x-era I used the vCenter App a lot.  It was easy:  Deploy the OVA-file, boot it up, connect with your browser, wait for the wizard to finish and off you go.
In 6.0 I believe the OVA App did not exist.  Since 6.5 it's back.  But:  It is major hassle to get it to work.  Maybe I didn't get something...

I deploy the OVA-file in ESXi.  My build is "VMware-vCenter-Server-Appliance-".
That part is easy.  It as asks for approval for the license-agreement - short wait and it's done.
If I boot up the VM afterwards, it takes a while on the command prompt, then it changes to the familiar VMware-screen.  But it does not show an IP.  After several minutes, it shows that changing password failed and thus RPM installation did not work.

If I try to change the password manually, I get "password change operation failed".
If I change it before, on command prompt, sometimes I get a bit further, I can set the VM to DHCP and actually access the web-wizard, but it fails at 2% saying it is installing the framework.

After some research I found this:

Adding the relevant lines to my VMX-file does not seem to have any effect, though.

Any ideas?  I feel really stupid...

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It was bound to be something obvious, but clearly I didn't expect this.  Sorry for the stupid question.
Can's say I get why they changed the process.  Seems like the old way was perfectly obvious and easy to use.  Making it seem like it's the old thing but forcing you to use a different interface while making it appear as if the old way should work, too, is downright evil!

Thanks, Andrew.
No problems, it's to do with the post-config which is required they say....

you've not been the only one caught by trying ti import OVF form the DVD iso!