access apps on sharepoint

has anyone every attempted to store an access application in a document management system such as sharepoint? My initial reaction was 'that would never work', but our IT are trying to migrate data from  traditional file servers to sharepoint, but I wanted some insight into will an access application ever work in a system like sharepoint, or access databases accessed by numerous staff work in general? I am hoping the answer is no so I can suggest it isnt worth even investigating.
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Gustav BrockCIOCommented:
It will/may only work for storage, like backup of the file.

For operation, Access needs an SMB file share - like a normal Windows Server or a Linux share with Samba - and neither Sharepoint nor OneDrive is that.

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Scott McDaniel (Microsoft Access MVP - EE MVE )Infotrakker SoftwareCommented:
You can design Access systems that store data on Sharepoint lists, but that's about the extent of it (and most experienced Access devs will advise you to stay far, far away from that scenario).

But as Gustav said, you can't run an Access app from a Sharepoint location. You'd have to download the "document" (the Access app) and run it locally.
To continue Scott's last sentence.

And if you dowload the Access app to work with it, userA's changes will overlay userB's changes if they happen to be working concurrently since there is no file sharing going on.  Each user has control of the file separately and his updates replace the previous updates when he puts it back to the server.

There are other options.  Citrix is probably the best if you need remote access to a multi-user Access app.
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