Large log file on SharePoint DB which I'm hoping to reduce,

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I'm trying reduce  the logfile on a SharePoint Database that I think it unnecessarily large.
It's the sp_WebAnalyticsStaging DB, I'm not sure what this does even.

The DB size is 129MB and the logfile is 16GB!
It's the initial size of the logfile that looks odd, it' set to 15898 MB, not sure why.

Can I just reduce the initial size of this logfile?

It's SP 2010,
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you need to do a sql aware backup then the log files should be automatically truncated
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>> Can I just reduce the initial size of this logfile?

No, you can't reduce it if there are any active transactions in the log file..

If you want to reduce the log file size, then Take a Log backup of your database and then you should be able to Shrink the log file to 1 GB. Also you can set the Initial size to 1 GB now..
Hope this helps..
Are you doing regular log backups?

If it has grown out of control, then you can run a shrink on it to shrink the actual datafile size.

Sharepoint log files growing out of control:

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