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Database credentials issue

We are having an issue with a MYSQL database issue.  We created a front end in MS access that interfaces with a MYSQL data base.  The access tool works on multiple PCs throughout the organization except for a couple. When Installed on specific laptops the database kick back a credentials error that says: "Login Failures for the entered credentials.  (1 of 3 tries)"

We have installed the database on other computers and she can log in with those same credentials that kick back the error on her laptop so we don't beleive there is an issue with end users credentials in MySQL workbench.

"Login Failures for the entered credentials.  (1 of 3 tries)"
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Eric Jones

8/22/2022 - Mon
David Favor

Access front end glued on top of MySQL... shudder...

If you're getting login failures on some machines, likely either the user/pass is truly failing...

Or more likely, your GRANT is to specific, so it's covering individual IPs, rather than an IP range.

Check your MySQL GRANTs first. You'll check this via running the mysql command line tool on failing machines.

A simple command like the following will surface GRANT problems...

mysql -h$host -u$user -p$pass -Bse "SHOW TABLES" $dbname

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If this works on some hosts + fails on some hosts, then likely your GRANT requires being loosen (from individual IPs to IP ranges).
Dale Fye

I've never used  mySQL, but the first thing I would look at is whether you have the appropriate ODBC driver installed on those computers that do not work. That is generally the reason that connections to the BE do not work when users have a SQL Server backend and have a connection string which refers to a driver which is not installed on the individuals computer.

Eric Jones

I double checked all the ODBC settings and drivers and I am still having the same issues.
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James Murphy
Scott McDaniel (EE MVE )

Also be sure that your Access FE is set as a Trusted Location on the user's machine.
Eric Jones

I double checked the trusted location and it did not fix my issue.  I added the desktop as a trusted location and I also tried to move the database into another trusted folder and it did NOT fix my issue

Create a new, empty Access DB.  Try to link the tables.  Does that work?  If it does, you will know that your ODBC driver is correct.

Is there something different about the path to the MySQL database from the machines that don't work vs the ones that do work?

Access front end glued on top of MySQL... shudder...
Access is intended to work as a FE with ANY ODBC compliant RDBMS.  Why do you think there is a problem with using Access for MYSQL?
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Gustav Brock

I recall an old issue related to encryption of the password for old accounts.
The solution was to reset the password to the 4.1 authentication style:

set password for 'oldpassuser'@'localhost' = password( '123' )

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Perhaps a shot in the dark, but simple to test.
Eric Jones

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