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Get max date from a varchar in SQL query!

I need to get the max date from  a varchar of a table in format 103  dd/mm/YYYY

whats the query in sql
please you experts!
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Russ Suter

  CONVERT(DATETIME, [columnName], 103) as MaxDate
  [columnName] IN

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Note, if two or more rows in the table share the exact same DATETIME value you will get more than one row using this method.
Maybe I am missing something but MAX() from varchar column containing the date in given format does not calculate the maximum date value.
>I need to get the max date from  a varchar of a table in format 103
(1) Please give us a data mockup of what these varchar's are, as things can get ugly real quick.
(2) Just to state the obvious dates should be stored in date column data types and not as varchar's, as that invites errors to occur when data is entered in a non-date format, and then a later query attempts to convert the value to a date and then fails.
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Thank you guys !