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How do you turn off the automatic logging in of an email account to Outlook 2016 once it has been initiated?

A computer was installed with Outlook 2016 and an email account was setup to automatically log the user into.  Without having to reinstall the Outlook program, how do you turn off the automatic login, forcing the user to have to login with their username and password after it was set to automatically log in.  Client wants only specified employees to have access to the email on this computer.  The machine is not connected to an Exchange server, but to an ISPConfig Linux mail server.  Thinking maybe there is a registry solution on the local machine.
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If you mean that multiple employees are accessing the same mail account, and you want them to be prompted for a password each time, instead of saving the password?

Control Panel | credential manager | delete the saved credentials.

You can prevent credentials from being further saved by using policy -
You can find and delete the Outlook saved credentials in Windows Credential Manager.
There is a Group Policy setting that disables the option to save credentials, just Google it :)
You can't really enforce this.

Any user has the ability to save a login password in a keychain (or whatever your OS calls this).

You can reset the user's password, send them the new one, force them to login once.

And if they click "Save Password" when the mail client prompts them, then they'll auto login afterward.

You might be able to disable this, like with Windows Credential Manager, as stated above + this opens a can of worms too, as if you force people to always login, they'll tend to use weak passwords they can remember + then you'll end up with a security problem.

Tip: Explain why you'd like to do this... what exactly you're trying to accomplish... likely someone can suggest a solution...
use a separate user account for the users .. only setup email for users that are supposed to have email. (you will have to use IMAP) you could use pop3 but you'd have to put the .pst file in an area that all of the allowed users can access.
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