iSeries interactive sessions disconnect unexpected CPF5140

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Problem is : iSeries interactive sessions disconnect unexpected.

With Joblog error-msg CPF2479    "Call stack entry not found",
before disconnect session with CPF5140.

My question is: may be a dependency,  CPF5140 caused by CPF2479 ?
I am asking this, because disconnection may also  be caused  by a betwork failure.
(But nearly in all disconnected Jobs, there are many CPF2479 before . . . )
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check your library list.
Gary PattersonVP Technology / Senior Consultant

CPF2479 doesn't have anything to do with the library list - it refers to an incorrect call stack entry.  CPF2479 is often caused by a program defect:  for example a program that sends a program message incorrectly, or sending a program message to a program that is no longer active.  

Here's an IBM support article that has an example of ode that generates this message:

Unless you see a CPF2479 that is always immediately followed by a CPF5140, the CPF2479 probably isn't the root cause of the disconnect.  

Usually CPF5140 is the result of network problems.  If these are telnet session over and IP network, disconnects are often the result of a firewall between the client and host dropping the connection due to inactivity.

Be careful about making changes you don't understand.  Some of the changes discussed in these articles can have an impact on system performance, and can change the way other network applications behave.
reason for  CPF5140 is not know at the moment, but CPF2479 seems not be the root cause of disconnections.


Thanks Gary,  for explanations to CPF2479 !

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