Get e-mail via VPN connection


I would like to connect my laptop to our business network when I'm outise the office.
for doing this, I'm using the software Schrew to connect to the modem Lancom whose adress is
Behind the lancom there is a Win 2008 R2 sp1 server for the dhcp. its adress is
The VPN server is the Lancom.
Connect VPN is OK and i can ping whole the network.
The issue is when i want to get e-mail. Outlook can't connect to the Exchange Server running on the

Can some help.
Hassan NOUR EL DINEIT ManagerAsked:
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JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
using the software Schrew to connect to the modem Lancom whose address is

Exchange Server running on the

It appears you are using the same subnet from your machine to the office. Is that true?   You need a different subnet.
Owen RubinConsultantCommented:
I’m also confused. Is the address you mentioned for your machine the one provided by the VPN software?

Also, if you can truly ping the entire office network, but cannot connect to the mail server (which I assume you can also ping) then I suspect the VPN service, or the VPN server is not passing the proper ports to connect to mail via VPN.

I do not know either that app or the modem accepting the VPN, but I would check each to see if you need to enable ports on either service for the services you want to support over VPN, or perhaps the service itself (like SSL) is blocked.

Assuming SSL and TLS for secure IMAP connections outlook to Exchange, you need to pass ports 993 and  587.

Also curious, has the machine you are using that has Outlook on it, can it connect to Exchange when not on VPN or has it never been in the work office? Wondering if the machine your using has ever been able to get mail via Outlook? Maybe an Outlook install issue if never checked. Need to narrow down possible problems.

Here is a page on setting up passthrough connection on a Lancom modem,  I suspect you modem has something similar.

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JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
We have used Shrew and it does not handle NAT traversal well so we abandoned it in favour of NCP Secure Entry
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Owen RubinConsultantCommented:
Thanks John, you answered my question to you before I could ask it!  :-)
Hassan NOUR EL DINEIT ManagerAuthor Commented:

I finally get it working. I change the WINS and the DNS suffix in VPN configuration file giving them manual values as follows :

Problem solved.
Thanks to all of you.
Hassan NOUR EL DINEIT ManagerAuthor Commented:
for answering the questions :

- The subnet are different since I use my mobile phone to connect to business router.
- Exchange server ( and Lancom modem/router are in the office side. So it's normal they belong to the same subnet.
- The machine that wants to  get e-mail has already been on the subnet of exchange server when not on VPN. Already got e-mails.

By the way Schrew works fine.
Hassan NOUR EL DINEIT ManagerAuthor Commented:
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