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Vmware 6.5 Existing hard disk (vmdk)


I am in the process of cold moving a number of vm's from our old 5.5 platform to our new 6.5. Our storage server comprises of two disks, boot and storage. The storage disk is 2.7tb and is a separate virtual disk on a separate datastore, thin provisioned. When I register the vm on the new 6.5 host the storage disk doesn't get recognised correctly and has an alert icon next to it. The capacity on the disk is listed as zero, and I cannot increase the capacity as the option is greyed out. In the maximum size option it states: N/A Maximum virtual disk size will not be validated if datastore cluster is selected as storage. In the disk name section it identifies the file location in the following format []/vmfs/volume no xxx.vmdk

If I add the disk as an existing disk all seems fine apart from the fact the  maximum disk size is listed as only 67gb (The actual disk size of 2.7tb is picked up) and I cannot change it. The disk file location is listed as expected: datastore name\disk name.vmdk.

Any clues as to why the second disk settings are not picked up correctly? Will the storage disk work/ be safe to use if I dd it as an exisiting disk with the above settings?


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