Screensaver won't come on atop PowerPoint

Jane Updegraff
Jane Updegraff used Ask the Experts™
How can I get a screensaver to run on a PC that is also running PowerPoint in presentation mode? Let me explain the situation .... I have a kiosk on my plant floor that displays a status and statistics presentation on a repeating loop ... this is a PowerPoint (in presentation mode) presentation. Our COO wants it to also play a custom screensaver (of the slideshow type) whenever no one has touched it for a while ... then once an end user touches the screen, the screensaver would turn off and it would go back to the PowerPoint. I already have created the screensaver and tested it. It runs correctly when the PC is idle and not running PowerPoint. But when PowerPoint is running and in presentation mode, the screensaver will not trigger itself to turn on. I'm guessing that the PC must think that it is NOT idle (because PowerPoint is running a presentation) and that will prevent the screensaver from triggering. Does anyone have any advice on how to force the screensaver to run overtop of the looping PowerPoint presentation?
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Well, if the powerpoint is already running on a loop, it'll save the screen in the first place.

This just seems like making work for the sake of it.

Essentially, what you want won't work. Maybe a third party application, but certainly not via GPO or any other native window applications.


Shaun VermaakTechnical Specialist
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I'm guessing that the PC must think that it is NOT idle (because PowerPoint is running a presentation) and that will prevent the screensaver from triggering
I believe it is a feature of PowerPoint that simply prevents the screensaver from triggering.

It is possible to do this with some coding but is it worth it?
Jane UpdegraffSr. Systems Administrator


Agreed that this seems like a silly request. It comes directly from our COO, and he is all excited about doing it, so that's why I am asking. I'll tell them that it can't be done easily and see what he wants to spend on it, if anything. Thanks!
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Imagine if you are at a major industry event, presenting a talk supplemented by PowerPoint slides.  Having the screen saver kick in in the middle of your presentation, having to jiggle the mouse, and maybe type in your password..

My suggestion is record the PowerPoint as a video instead. and simply loop the video.
AlexSenior Infrastructure Analyst

although if you loop the video, the screensaver won't kick in with that either. There "may" be a way to get around that however, doing it within windows itself isn't going to happen though. Although I think that's probably the most likely option to be honest.

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