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how can I customize Windows 8.1 so it will display a chosen administrator name every time at boot up?

Hello and Good Evening Everyone,

            I am currently finalizing some touch ups of an HP Pavilion which was just recently upgraded to Windows 8.1.   Thus far, I am very pleased with the progress, but, there is just one more thing I wish to resolve which brings me to the point of this opening post.  Basically, there are two account administrators, namely, the owner and me.  That said, I am wondering how I can customize this HP Pavilion through Windows 8.1 to boot each time to the owner's name instead of that of my own.  

             Thanks so much in advance for any attention and feedback given to this question.

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Windows, by default, caches the name of the last user to log in. Thus, if you assist the owner with logging in the first time, and setting a password, it will continue to display that name from then on. This is usually enough.
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Hello Mal

             Hum, it sounds like I can not customize it to simply select which administrator name to use at each bootup.   I will be giving this laptop back to my friend tomorrow and was hoping I could get it to log into her account name at each boot instead of my name.  

Well, I guess you COULD mess around in the registry, but personally I would not advise that.

Relevant registry key is HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon\DefaultUserName.

Setting this value means that the same name will always be presented, regardless of who logged on last.
I agree with Mel .  Just ask the owner to sign in and then that user id will be current.

The common registry entry is to remember or not remember the last user name. Just use that.
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Hello and Good Evening Everyone,

          Thank you very much for your feedback.   The suggestion given by Joe did the trick.  Once I entered the password and re-entered the password, the owner's name now appears each time the laptop starts up and goes straight to the desktop without requesting a password.   Just for good measure, I went ahead and removed my name from the list of users so that the owner name is the only one being displayed.  I do not believe that action should result in any technical issues.  

           Thanks again for the terrific help :-)

You're welcome, George, and thanks to you for the feedback...that's great news! Regards, Joe