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Dear Experts,

I have the following setup:
- ESXi-01 6.5 host with 4 VMs on it; and this ESXi also has VCSA 6.5 deployed
- ESXi-02 6.5 host, hopefully be the replica for ESXi-01 so that when I need to patch the VMs, everything is still up and running..

Could this be done and how please? Thanks!
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It can be done, but you don't usually use replication because you want to patch a VM.

VMware Replication will replicate VMs, or Veeam Backup and Replication,
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Please clarify patching.
Usually you would patch the active system. A replica will use the same ip triggering a network conflict if/when both are active.

Commonly, you should have a test environment that mirrors to sone extent (application, not neccessary data quantity) your production such that you can patch the test env to make sure it will not impact your production, then patch production after testing/verification of no impact or minimal and the steps to correct have been identified worked out.
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thank you for your response and sorry for the delay on getting back.. let me think this through clearly and post another question should i need help.

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