Riverbed Steelhead Isues - Luns are degraded due to space filled by lun snapshot

Riverbed SteelHead configuration Issues - as Luns are degraded due space made full by multiple snapshots

I am new to Riverbed support
Here is Config i have
Appliance Details
Model:      EX1260 (EX1260VH_4)-Revision-A
SteelHead EX:      4.1.0 #8 x86_64
RiOS:      9.1.0-ex #8 x86_64
Storage Edge:      4.1.0 #8 x86_64

Would need experts help to fix below given errors..
ACTION REQUIRED: Free space on the cache disk is low. Please make sure your WAN link is up and the commit rate is more than the write rate. If free space falls further, Edge will begin deactivating LUNs. ;
IMMEDIATE ACTION REQUIRED: Deactivating LUNs: Free space on the cache disk is very low. High-traffic LUNs have been deactivated to prevent service disruption. Please make sure your WAN link is up and the commit rate is more than the write rate.

Link state -disabled
Optimization Service - Internal Error      Critical
Error committing a snap to SteelFusion Core due to: Resource temporarily unavailable-Degraded
SteelFusion Core
Connection between SteelFusion Edge and SteelFusion Core for one or more LUNs is down
Please see the SteelFusion Edge Storage page.
Uncommitted Edge Data      Degraded

Storage team increased space @LUN end which is not increased actually as not reaching to riverbed steelhead because they can see
ISCSI Server port for both riverbed appliances is down

Please help to make it up  so that space can be increased @datastore end too

patronTechnical consultant Asked:
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Murali SripadaCommented:
A LUN is deactivated in the below conditions as per the documentation but need to verify from management console if the lun is active/not. If you do not have access to the console, I would suggest to reach out to the riverbed support asap.

LUN Status Degraded
Indicates that a LUN is unavailable for any of these issues:
•  A LUN is deactivated. A LUN will be deactivated if the blockstore has a critical amount of low space and this particular LUN has a high rate of new writes.
•  Initialization of the blockstore for the LUN fails.
Check if the data center LUN was offlined in SteelFusion Core while IO operations were in progress.
This alarm clears when you reactivate the LUN through the Management Console or the CLI.
patronTechnical consultant Author Commented:
Thanks , I have engaged my vendor to fix the issue,Thanks for the help,but am looking for nay best prectice to mange riverbed appliance to avoid such situation in future
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