Good practice when copying data from Excel into PowerPoint?

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"Guidelines on pasting data from Excel - so numbers are legible - any dos and don'ts? " I've been asked this question and really the only answer I have is not to try and copy across the entire  sheet- which is what people seem to want to do.  Anything else PowerPoint experts here would recommend??
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Omar SoudaniSenior System Engineer

You can link an entire Excel worksheet to PowerPoint, from insert tab select object, browse for your file and check the Link box.

If you want to paste under Paste Options, pick one of the following. Move the mouse pointer over each Paste option to see a preview of what it would look like.

Use Destination Styles: to copy the data as a PowerPoint table, using the format of the presentation

Keep Source Formatting: to copy the Excel data as a PowerPoint table, using the format of the worksheet

Embed: to copy the data as information that can be edited in Excel later

Picture: to copy the data as a picture that can't be edited in Excel

Keep Text Only: to copy all the data as a single text box
ste5anSenior Developer

Well, by defining the purpose of the presentation first. Cause without requirements and goals, there are imho no such rules.

This especially means desired presentation resolution of the used presentation device, number of people and distance to the presentation device. Also the desired audience and the topic is relevant.
I think that right-click and choose Keep Source Formatting from the Paste Options is usually the cleanest paste because you end up with a PPT table but it's still got the Excel formatting (so conditional formatting, etc., still displays) as Omar explained. The user can then manipulate the formatting -- like font size, column width, etc. -- easily without stretching the text, which is usually what they do if they paste a picture or an embedded Excel object.

Of course it ultimately really depends on what they need. I do usually teach my classes to start with right-click --> Keep Source Formatting, though.

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