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I'm moving layer 3 routing from an old core switch to a new core stack we've just purchased.

The stack has been configured with trunks and has access to the network.

The old core will not be removed just the routing will be removed from it.

At the moment the old core has links to different sites

My question is when the routing has been moved over, will I need to move cables over from the old core to the new?

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Assuming that the old core has physical layer 3 uplinks to your remote sites, then yes.  The physical links will need to be migrated to the new core along with the routing configuration.

Assuming that the old core only has layer 2 uplinks to some other device that contains the layer 3 uplinks, then there may not be a need to migrate those connections to the new core, further assuming there is appropriate layer 2 connectivity core to core.

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