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iphone does not allow me to search for contacts or use messages or voice dictation for 1st 45 minutes after I turn on phone.

iphone does not let me text or use siri to dictate or find contacts in email.  When I turn on my phone and click on messages and then try to type in a name, it freezes.  Same thing happens when I try to compose and email.  I click on a few letters for the email address and it freezes.  voice dictation does not work either.  Now, this all goes away after the phone has been ON for about 45 minutes.  Then all is well.  Any ideas?
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Why do you completely turn off the phone?
Sometimes Phones go erratic and complete shut down, start up fixes it.  Seen that on numerous occasions.
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This happens every morning for a little less than an hour.  I turn off my phone at night every night.  There has not been a day in the last 2 months where it has not happened.
Yes.  I was just wondering if OP is turning off the phone completely each night and then turning it on in the morning.  imo, its not necessary to completely power down the phone.
So try the resets that I posted.

Also make sure you are on IOS 12.1.  Do that via iTunes and there is a cellular firmware update there.
What is the iPhone model?