mac user trashed a folder and then emptied the trash

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hello everyone I have a user that's running Mac OS Mojave the user deleted a folder by accident and then empty the trash can. I am very familiar with NTFS and fat partitions running Drive recovery software to recover things that were deleted in the trash can but I've never had this issue with a Mac any suggestions? also, they were running iCloud backup but because they remove the folder and threw it away it removed it from the iCloud.

I am thinking of taking out the drive and connected it to another mac using my USB to serial cable but I do recall in the past that I used a thunderbolt to USB to connect a hard drive of a non-booting mac to another mac to access the drive, I am wondering would this work instead of removing the drive?
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DarinTCHSenior CyberSecurity Engineer
Stop using HDD right away
Possible over-writing of those sectors
Have used these for recovery
Ease us
Recover it
And several other apps in the past
There is also a decent article on Apple site about file recovery

And yes it’s possible and not terribly difficult....
Your on the right path far as accessing th HDD with a special app or as an external HDD
I've also used Ease US
First, stop using the Mac.

You're talking about target disk mode.  You will need a USB-C, Thunderbolt or firewire cable, depending on the age of your Mac.

To get into target disk mode, press and hold t during bootup.  Any recovery software for Mac should be able to do it.


Thanks I got the cable and use Ease US

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