Is it possible to set up a forward on a gmail account without knowing the password if logged into the account ?

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User can’t remember Gmail password BUT has the account working on a laptop

Eventually that laptop will die

Is it possible to add a forward all email to another address in the mean time to be covered for that eventuality ?

* totally impossible to retrieve password - we have tried everything !

Forward possible to a new gmail account and we will store password this time - it’s  possible ? Without knowing password ?

Thanks !
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Shaun VermaakTechnical Specialist
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No, you will need the password
Information Services Manager
Just so I have this straight... you have Gmail up and working but if you were to logoff you wouldn't have the password?
You have the browser logged in?, or are you connecting with an email program?

If you have it on the browser, it may be possible to view the saved password...depending on the browser you are using.

For Chrome: Go to Settings > click Passwords > click the "eye" icon and type the computer's password.
For FireFox:  Go to Options > click Privacy and Security > click Saved Logins > click Show Passwords

Unfortunately...MS Edge doesn't have this option.


That’s just amazing !  That worked, so happy to have got an answer  to this
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Ron MalmsteadInformation Services Manager

Glad to help :)


Customer had this problem 6 months ago.

Someone mentioned that a forward in their gmail could be good

Do you have cracked a 6 mth old problem

Really excellent answer

Thanks again

So happy about this. It's not often I'm stumped

Well done :-)


Thanks for the help
Ron MalmsteadInformation Services Manager

Any time.

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