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Need help with getting text boxto unique identifier- once a row is selected in either Subform A or Subform B.

Need help with getting text box (txtJobNo) to state Job Ticket No. once a row is selected in either Subform A or Subform B.
I've tried the following but it doesn't display any information.

Is there another event I need to try or do I have the wrong syntax?
Please note provided sample.

Private Sub txtSyncSubforms_AfterUpdate()

  Dim lID As Long
  lID = Forms![fMainMenuTimeSheetMonthly]![sfTimeSheetMonthlyDescOnly].Form!("cboJobTicket").Column(0)
  txtJobNo = "Job Ticket No: " & lID
End Sub

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Appreciate the reply.  Also added that to all my subforms form current events as well.